Name: Sven Wiener

Council: West Tamar

Background: Educated at Exeter Primary, Riverside High, Launceston College,UTas(Engineering).


Work in farming every day & have concerns about state govt's Oct2014 decision to stop monitoring Tas rivers for pesticide/herbicide levels.
The organophosphate herbicides upset brain function. This is a serious problem I'd like council to consider as well as widely advertising their "No Spray" list so residents can say if they want Council to spray herbicides outside their house. West Tamar uses herbicide in Autumn that lasts for months. Saves council money but at what cost to community public health?
Swan Point low-lying peninsula has over the last four years had an unusually high incidence of illness/death of people and their pets. The Tas Health Dept has been notified but don't seem to be interested. Local Government Act 1993 states councils must watch out for health & well-being of their residents. Council needs to do that for ALL residents.


Authorised by Sven Wiener 24a Exeter 7275.